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Bartlett, Texas: Founded in 1881, built from the railroad and cotton industries, Bartlett still stands as a jewel of the rich Blackland area. Proudly retaining one of the largest groups in Central Texas of conjoined historical buildings and original brick streets. Bartlett's combination tempts your imagination to step back in time and enjoy the ambiance from another era.

Located less than an hour northeast of downtown Austin, Bartlett is closer than you think! Plan a day to shop and visit, who knows, you may stay a lifetime.

Welcome to “The Best Little Town in Texas

Bartlett has provided location scouts & directors with buildings, landscapes, & cast for several movies, commercials and currently the  TV series Revolution. It is always exciting to see how your hometown can be transformed for the magic of entertainment.

Some of the movies hosted were The Stars Fell on Henrietta (1995),  The Whole Wide World (1995), The Newton Boys (1998)  and portions of  True Grit  (2010).

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In 1934, the Bartlett municipality received acclaim because it had built its own electric generating plant at a cost of $90,000. This revenue was raised through the sale of 6% revenue bonds. Until this point residents were dependent on Texas Power & Light, whose rates were considered excessive.

After a year of operation, while eager to furnish electricity to rural residents it became clear that legal barriers restricted extension of the municipal plant's lines beyond the city limits. TP&L did not have the same restrictions and continued to compete with the Bartlett municipal plant. Further innovations were required.

On May 11, 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order No. 7037, establishing the Rural Electrification Administration (REA)—the federal program that helped energize the nation’s rural areas.

Bartlett Community Light & Power Company was the 7th in the nation to apply for assistance, requesting $33,000 in November 1935. Just 4 short months later, Bartlett Community Light & Power Company became the 1st REA borrower to begin operation electrifying the first rural home in the nation. Today this Rural Electric Cooperative is known as Bartlett Electric Cooperative

Bartlett Community Light & Power Co.

First in the United States

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The purpose of this corporation is to provide business, professionals, agriculturists, residents, etc. a forum and means to promote growth economically and morally: to protect the history and heritage of Bartlett ensuring that the quality of life is preserved for our future generations.

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Bartlett Area Chamber of Commerce

The building still stands proudly today and houses the Bartlett Area Museum & Activities Center. This was Bartlett’s third school building. It is located on a full city block; centered diagonally. When the doors opened to welcome the first students on September 13, 1909 the building consisted of ten rooms, three offices, and an auditorium. Total enrollment at that time was 250 students. All grades from 1909 until 1917 were in this building. From 1917 to 1966 it served as the elementary school. Then from 1966 until 1988 the primary grades call this building home.

This wonderful part of Bartlett’s history is being renovated and maintained through the hard work of volunteers and donations. For more information contact Deana Shiplett or Kathy Jones.

Built in 1909 at a cost of  $21,000

Bartlett Activities Center; “The Old School”

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